Providing Turnkey Assembly

When it comes to turnkey ASSEMBLY, we are the company for you.

Surface Mount Assembly.

Surface-mount technology (SMT) is basically a component assembly technology related to printed-circuit boards wherein the components are attached and connected on the surface of the board using batch solder-reflow processes. SMT differs from other PWB methods where the component leads are inserted into plated through-holes and wave-soldered from the bottom to fill in the holes and interconnect the components. SMT has the advantages of achieving higher packaging densities, higher reliability, and reduced cost than the plated through-hole insertion process. SMT is currently the process most widely used for low-cost, high-production consumer electronic assemblies.

Through Hole Assembly.

Through-hole assembly is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are installed through leads. It refers to the mounting process that inserts the leads to the drilled holes and solders the components on the board by wave soldering or manual soldering.

Final Assembly and Packaging.

he Final Assembly Test Packaging (FATP) philosophy provides a total solution-based on Panasonic worldwide production experiences. In cooperation with the customer and external system integrators, Panasonic develops a concept for highly efficient, cost-saving final assembly lines.

Integrated into a MES-environment Panasonic electronic manufacturing solutions, PLR or double-arm robots and potential external solutions are combined for various applications like in the consumer electronics, automotive or automation industry.

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