Providing Turnkey Assembly

When it comes to turnkey ASSEMBLY, we are the company for you.

For those customers looking for a fully turnkey manufacturing partner, we are able to manage the entire manufacturing cycle from initial product onboarding through to sustained ongoing product manufacture.

Leveraging the full extent of our capabilities, we are specialists in providing fully outsourced product manufacturing solutions. Working with some of the world’s leading technology companies we have over three decades of experience in supporting these complex manufacturing requirements.

Bringing together the full suite of our capabilities, we typically engage with customers very early in the design cycle. Our engineering and technical team are specialists in product transitioning, and we have robust NPI process in place to transition any new product to an outsourced manufacture.

Our procurement, planning, and inventory management teams then work with you to define the correct material procurement and management strategy. We can then build the right supply chain to provide exactly the right solution to your specific needs.

With the correct foundations in place, we are then capable of providing a flexible, scalable, and highly dependable manufacturing solution that can be trusted to deliver time and time again.

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